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Strategy and Capability are essential to superior performance, but they are not sufficient for company success.  Excellence in execution is the third key ingredient required for superior performance.  Execution is about getting things done.  Excellence in execution is about consistently getting things done right.

Many individuals know what they need to do but they don't always do it.  Companies are not much different as they are made up of people.  Many companies have superior strategies, superior capabilities, but they don't always execute!  There are many reasons why execution is particularly difficult for organizations.  While formulating strategy and developing capability usually involve only a limited number of individuals within a company, execution must necessarily involve everyone within the organization.  Strategy and capabilities focus more on future planning, while execution is about the present moment.  It is often easier for well-meaning people within solid companies to talk about the future than it is to actually carry out, in practice, what they have discussed.  When everything is said and done, a lot more is said than done!

Because of these difficulties, many consulting companies do not want to be directly involved with their clients at the execution phase.  At Enovio, however, we understand the importance of execution and are convinced that, without proper execution, the client does not receive the full value of our recommendations. Consequently, we partner with our clients during this crucial phase.

Our involvement during the execution phase is usually categorized under one of the following, or a combination of the following categories:


  • Monitoring and measuring performance metrics and ensuring efficient execution and alignment to business strategies and potential capabilities

  • Outsourcing of some of the client's business processes either long term, or sometimes temporarily, until the client organization develops its own internal capabilities










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