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Career Opportunities - Frequently Asked Questions 


Please read the following section as it addresses many common questions and concerns of potential candidates.

How does Enovio differentiate itself from other consulting firms?

Enovio provides its clients with knowledge that is supported by solid research, practical insights, and cutting-edge technology. We use this knowledge to build strategies, capabilities, improve execution and provide a solid foundation for continuous improvement. Our engagement with clients goes far beyond a simple knowledge exchange. We adapt solutions to suit specific client needs, and supplement our service offerings with value-added resources to guide the client through implementation of our knowledge-based recommendations. This requires that we use a hands-on approach in all our engagements and work side-by-side with the client's team to achieve the desired results.

Do I need to have to have an MBA or some other graduate degree to apply?  How many years of professional experience are required?  What sort of professional background should I have to succeed in my consulting career with Enovio?

Although an MBA or other graduate degrees can help you in your consulting career, Enovio, in general, does not specifically require advanced degrees or an MBA as pre-requisite for joining our firm.  What we value most is intelligence, diversity, and strong ability to learn and apply learning to real-life situations.  We consider applicants from a very broad variety of educational and professional backgrounds. We strongly value the proven ability to learn and apply learned skills quickly and follow-through with them to fruition.

How do I submit a résumé?

The most efficient way to submit a résumé by following this link: Submit Resume

What is the interview process?

We interview on a rolling interview basis. What that means is that we accept resumes at all times and start the interview process soon after we receive the résumé. The rolling interview process allows us to continually screen applicants and meet our rapid growth goals.  For applicants, this method results in a more immediate response and feedback concerning the individual's candidacy for a position with Enovio.

We initially conduct a telephone screening process which typically lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.  Subsequent interview stages often include face-to-face meetings that usually include a résumé review and discussion of case-based hypothetical problems with several of our consultants. Sometimes we extend an invitation to candidates to visit our project locations and meet with our consultant teams.

What are the current job openings? Can I submit my résumé even if there is no specific job posting?

The current job openings can be accessed at the Current Openings page within the Career Opportunities section of the Enovio web site. And yes, you can submit your résumé at anytime. We continually seek to identify and hire talented individuals.

Do you only hire Full-Time Employees, or can I work Part-Time (for example during my graduate studies)?

We believe that hiring the best talent requires flexibility and creating the best environment for our employees and consultants to succeed professionally. This philosophy is reflected in our hiring approach. We are always open to creative ways we can partner with our employees and accommodate their needs either for personal development or for other personal reasons. If you are responding to a specific job positing, check the job detail to review the accepted employment status. If you are submitting your resume for non specific job posting, please indicate in the comments section your prospective availability in terms of the number of hours sought per week.

When and how will I be evaluated?

A careful and constructive evaluation is a key component to our success as a company and to our consultants’ professional development. We deal with evaluations in a way commensurate to its importance. Two types of evaluations are usually performed: annual evaluation and project conclusion evaluation. The annual evaluation provides comprehensive feedback for the year concluding and sets goals for the ensuing year.
The annual evaluation covers technical skills, consulting skills, industry and service offering knowledge, interpersonal skills, and several other areas among the many other characteristics being evaluated. The evaluation is performed with the primary objective of giving constructive feedback and paving the way for strong professional and personal development for our consultants.

The project conclusion evaluation is conducted at the end of each client engagement or the completion of major client deliverable. The objective of the project conclusion evaluation is to provide project specific feedback when the project experience is very fresh.

Our philosophy is to encourage continuous constructive feedback as means for professional development and cultural alignment. Accordingly all our team members are continuously encouraged to provide open, constructive, 360-degree feedback to support team development.

What kind of travel can I expect?

Travel is an integral part of the consulting environment. As such it is often cannot be completely avoided and you will be required to travel. However, the travel schedule is usually determined based on the specific project to which you will be assigned. Typically, a travel week consists of three to four days at a client site and one to two days locally.

We seek to minimize having people stay away from home. On one hand, as we value long term relationships with our clients, our typical engagements tend to be long term -- as we work hand-in-hand with the client to achieve the required results. This provides us with an effective means by which to minimize the travel schedule of our consultants. On the other hand, as we generally like to work close to our clients to understand the culture and successfully implement our strategy delivery and execution.  Consequently, we seek consultants who are available to travel to client premises during active engagements.

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