Operations and Process (Industrial) Engineer (Ann Arbor, MI)

Identify, collect and analyze large sets of diverse data (e.g. cost, schedule, operations, etc.) to create business-decision support recommendations for clients in a wide range of industries; perform statistical (including econometric) analysis, to forecast market data and trends of management, operations, projects; modify management applications and systems; re-engineer operations and/or manufacturing data for analysis and implementation into systems and operations; design and implement supply chain management plans; use data analytics to create lean and six sigma tools/recommendations, including predictive modeling; apply continuous improvement tools to make processes more efficient; develop project life cycle management processes; use decision trees and utility theory to perform risk management and recommend decisions; develop, analyze and track industrial operations, construction and civil engineering projects using specialized software; Requires:  Masters in Industrial Engineering or closely related; one year experience as re-engineering business analyst to include global operations and/or manufacturing data; one year experience to include use of following data analytics software: Hadoop, Alteryx, IBM informatica cloud, Anaconda; experience may be concurrent. Job in Ann Arbor, MI.