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Becoming a business analyst or associate consultant at Enovio is a very rewarding choice for young professionals who want to apply the knowledge and skills they have developed at the undergraduate or graduate level in college, and seek to be involved in a wide variety of organizations and projects. Junior-level professionals can often acquire a substantial amount of varied professional experience in relatively little time due to being exposed to different client organizations or different assignments within the same client organization.


Beyond that, we at Enovio take very seriously the responsibility we have for the ongoing professional development of our employees. So our employees are not the only ones concerned with rounding-out their own skill sets. The company is committed to ensuring that all of our people remain on the “cutting edge” of developments within business and industry, and maintain a steadfast focus on lifelong learning.

As an organization, Enovio is as diverse and inclusive as any organization you are likely to find. Our consultant teams are generally comprised of a mixture of well-established professionals and younger, developing talent. Collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship are not only highly encouraged and rewarded, but also institutionalized to whatever degree possible. Our professional development teams give specific attention to developing and sustaining a collaborative environment that is conducive to the free flow of questions, ideas and opinions. By providing a climate and the associated mechanism for such interpersonal interaction, our professional development efforts at Enovio enjoy much success in fostering personal and organizational achievements.


So consider joining our close-knit but growing company, where one can enjoy the satisfaction of making an impact – and not become “lost in the crowd,” as is possible with larger management consulting firms.

Among the positions befitting junior-level professionals is: Business Analyst

Business Analyst Job Description


The Business Analyst will work with diverse clients ranging from small and medium size enterprises to large Fortune 100 enterprises to deliver performance improvement initiatives. Engagements are usually longer in duration and span the development and implementation of performance improvement recommendations.

In general, the BA will perform the following job responsibilities in addition to others as required by each project charter:

  • Analyzes and implements performance improvement initiatives within their assigned projects.

  • The BA will work with the project team and interface with the client to understand their strategy and identify strategic key performance indicators, design balanced score cards and cascading performance management structure for business units, departments and personnel.

  • The BA will follow-up on the implementation of the performance improvement recommendations with the client and interface with organizational change consultants, information technology consultants, and process management consultants to coordinate all facets of performance improvement initiatives.

  • Document all analysis, interviews, recommendations and implementation discussions during and after implementation of performance improvement recommendation.

  • Establish effective working relationships with the Leadership team, project sponsors, and other division teams to deliver value to the organization.

  • Develop new knowledge in performance improvement to support our client initiatives.


Required Qualifications:


  • Undergraduate Degree

  • Technology savvy.

  • Strong skills in presentation, word processing, and spreadsheet applications (such as found in MS Office Suite).

  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills to provide clear information for internal business partners.

  • Ability to work effectively in a high-pressure, time-sensitive environment.

  • Ability to effectively collaborate with cross functional teams and influence without authority or title

  • Ability to maintain confidential and sensitive materials and information.

  • Ability to conduct large group meetings and presentations for internal and external clients at all levels, including executive and board level management.

  • Ability to work in team environment, hand-in-hand with client, and deliver solid results in a demanding work environment.

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