Strategy is about setting direction for the organization. An organization without a strategy is like a boat that is steering without a common understanding of where it is heading or a map of how to get there. Companies that consistently outperform others have a well-executed superior strategy.

Strategy is often about creating alternatives and basing managerial decisions on selecting the proper strategic alternative in which to commit the organization's resources. Companies employing superior strategies proactively shape their organization's future. Superior strategies also synchronize all the efforts and decisions being made across the organization to correspond with a single, unifying goal.

Regardless of what strategic question a company might have it often involves two views: External and Internal. The external focus involves the organization's relationship with customers, competitors, regulators and other external market forces and identifies the business position the organization intends to take. The internal focus is concerned with the capabilities the organization must develop to successfully execute its strategy and achieve its strategic objectives.

We do not subscribe to a cookie-cutter approach or apply a standardized framework for all strategy development engagements. Strategy problems are often driven by the mix of resources, capabilities, and market conditions for each company. We realize this mix is often unique to the company and, as such, each strategy problem is unique -- even though the starting point may be similar. We begin our strategy development engagements by building a strong factual base.

In our strategy practice we answer key questions for clients to set directions for their organizations. Below are some examples of our strategy service lines and key questions they can answer:


  •  Business Startup and Planning

    •  How can we get our new business up and running?

  •  Competitive Advantage Strategy

    •  What is our competitive advantage?

    •  What should our competitive advantage be given current market trends?

    •  Is our current competitive advantage eroding?

  •  Capital Infrastructure Strategy

    •  What is the most strategically desirable plan for our capital infrastructure?

    •  Are we selecting the right capital infrastructure projects to execute?

  •  Technology Strategy

    •  What technology should we invest in?

    • Which technologies should we keep in house and which should we outsource?

    • What mobile technologies could enhance our business?

  •  Exporting Strategy

    •  What are the best new markets for our products/services?

    • How do we bring our services/products to new foreign markets?

  • Innovation Commercialization

    • What is the go-to market strategy for our innovation?

    •  How do we make money out of our innovation?